Sunday, April 30, 2017

88 Seconds of Silence!

We invite you to join with National-Socialists around the world on Tuesday, 30 April, for 88 seconds of silence in solemn tribute to our immortal Leader at the exact hour when, 72 years ago in Berlin, he - fulfilled his earthly mission and offered up his life for all Aryan kind and for a better world to come.


Central Europe: 3:30 pm
Greenwich Mean Time: 2:30 pm
Eastern Daylight Time Zone: 9:30 am
Central Daylight Time Zone: 8:30 am
Mountain Daylight Time Zone: 7:30 am
Pacific Daylight Time Zone: 6:30 am


1. Those observing the 88 Seconds of Silence should stand at attention, where and when feasible.

2. Where possible, observants should face a visible representation of the Führer (bust, photograph or painting) and/or a Swastika banner. Some may also wish to light a candle or candles.

3. Those at work or school should excuse themselves and find a private location. If they require permission to leave, they should say that they need a few moments for private religious observance. (Note: The lavatory is NOT an appropriate place for observance, nor is the need to use the lavatory an appropriate excuse to leave the room or work area. In fact, false excuses in general are not appropriate.)

4. Where necessary because of time-zone difference, those who would normally be asleep during this time should make arrangements to rise early for the Observance.

The 30th of April is a sacred occasion, when His faithful followers join in a spiritual bond transcending the physical barriers separating them. It should, accordingly, be commemorated with all the solemnity and respect befitting the occasion.


WAGNER: Siegfried’s Funeral Music / Act III of Götterdämmerung (Wilhelm Furtwängler; Berlin Philharmonic) 9:21 min

BRUCKNER: 2nd Movement “Adagio” / Symphony No. 7 in E major (Wilhelm Furtwängler; Berlin Philharmonic) 9:14 min

An Eagle Came

AN EAGLE CAME from the Sun -
Again the God Ase, Creator of the World,
sent a man to bring Truth and Righteousness.
Again the world rejected Him.
Work and concern alone -
not only for His own people,
but for all of Europe - was His life.
Then He shook the dust from His wings
and returned to whence He came.
The world knows not what it has lost.

EIN AAR KAM aus der Sonne -
Wieder sandte Gott Ase, der Schöpfer des Weltalls,
einen Menschen um Wahrheit und
Gerechtigkeit zu bringen.
Die Welt hat Ihn wieder verneint.
Nur Arbeit und Sorge -
nicht nur für das eigene Volk -
sondern für ganz Europa war sein Leben.
Dann schüttelte Er den Staub aus seinen Flügeln
und kehrte zurück woher Er kam.
Die Welt weiß nicht, was sie verloren hat.

- Norwegian Nobel laureate writer Knut Hamsun, May 1945

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