Tuesday, March 25, 2014

“Jewish Face of Immigration Reform” - Roy Naim Arrested for Child Porn

One thing to know about Jews: they are sex perverts.

An immigration advocate profiled in a Time cover story has been arrested on child pornography charges.

Self-fashioned immigration activist Roy Naim, 29, downloaded three child pornography videos and is currently in federal custody after being denied bail Wednesday, officials said. The accused pervert has volunteered at a camp for special needs children in the past, a position he appears to have left in 2010

One of the subjects of a 2012 Time story on 35 undocumented illegal immigrants, Mr Naim pleaded not guilty to a single count of receiving child pornography. The Israeli national was deemed a flight risk and denied bail.

US Attorney Saritha Komatireddy argued Mr Naim should be denied bail because of the risk he posed to the community as an accused pedophile who has worked in the past with children, has no job and isn’t a citizen, according to CNN.

Attorney Richard Finkel unsuccessfully countered that Mr Naim spends most of his time volunteering and helping others, CNN reported. Additionally, Mr Finkel noted that the Naim family, with very little money and no property, doesn’t have the means to help Roy Naim flee.

Without assets for collateral, the judge explained, she had no choice but to deny bail, said CNN.

Mr Naim is currently sitting in jail after an alleged child pornography distributor was arrested recently in Louisiana, officials said. One of the receivers of that child pornography turned out to be the ‘Jewish Face of the Immigration Reform Struggle,’ according to an indictment cited by multiple media outlets.

The accused pedophile received that nickname from the Jewish Daily Forward.

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