Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Sick Talmud allows sex with infants!

 The Scottenstein Travel Edition

Talmud Bavli (Babylonian Talmud)
The Gemara: The Classic Vilna Edition, with an annotated interpretive elucidation, as an aid to Talmud study
Tractate Sanhedrin (2A) Folios 42B-54B

"[As taught in Niddah 44b, intercourse with a girl less than three has no legal significance. Thus, for example, if a father commits incest with his daughter who is less than three, he is not liable to the death penalty.]"  

Sanhedrin 54b(4), footnote 40.
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Paul Isaac Hershon (1818 - 1888), a Spanish Jew who converted to Christianity "To the orthodox Jew the Talmud is like the encircling ocean — inserts itself into and makes itself felt in every nook and corner of his existence, like an atmosphere encompasses the whole round of his being, penetrates into all centres of vitality, presses with incumbent weight upon every class irrespective of age or sex or rank, is all-inspiring, all-including, and all-controlling, covers in the regard of the illuminated the whole field of life, and with its principles affects, or ought to affect, every thought and every action of every member of the Jewish state."

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