Tuesday, October 3, 2017

We Aren’t Winning

by Axe of Perun

Let us become realistic for one moment today. I believe that every now and then such a thing is healthy for the mind, body and soul – for one reason particularly – because it gives clear vision as to what must be done. One can get stuck every now and then, especially in this Jewish controlled society, in various so-called “bubbles”, primarily recognized as controlled oppositions, ridiculous ideologies or topics/themes/discussions which lead to nothing, truly god damn nothing. Let us therefore analyze our current situation and let us look into what the current generation is doing in our lifetimes. What needs to be done, what has been done to it, and where our current state of mind is going to lead us to.

Recently I had been at the dentist. I don’t really like them as one never knows what the hell is being injected into one’s mouth – I believe that a Jewish dentist is capable of slowly killing off thousands of gentiles. It surely is one of their most liked professions in terms of monetary gain and physical control. Anyways, I found myself again in a purely White area. A top notch dental facility, offering the best possible health care that you could ask for. As I wasn’t in need of anything special, it wasn’t expensive. Rest assured, the rest of their procedures do milk a lot of money from you. Looking at the faces of the various doctors walking around, I failed to recognize any rat among them and felt somewhat at ease.

And there she was sittingthe darkest African female I had ever seen in my life. Black as Darkness itself, surrounded by the Light of at least one hundred White people. No one was giving her a hard time, no one told her anything, she even got into the service sooner than anyone else. As I was thinking deeply, time almost stopped for me. I tried real hard to imagine the opposite situation – imagine if she was the only White person surrounded by at least one hundred Blacks. Yeah, that thought alone should be enough. But, I took it one step further. Assume that the Jews did not manipulate the Blacks into outright hating Whites. Let us go as far as to say that Blacks were never brought to America by Jews on Jewish slave ships. In such a scenario this one single White female would be surrounded by 100 pure Black Africans.

What do you think would those tribal people have done to her? What do you think – would a Race which still to this day eats their own people, farms them as chicken in human cannibal farms – what do you think would they have done to one White woman sitting among them?

The thought alone should be terrifying. But, the other scenario isn’t that much better, now is it? Blacks have been brought on Jewish slave ships, have been enslaved both by Blacks and Jews, and were then indoctrinated by the Jews into believing that it was the “evil White devil” who enslaved them in the first place. Again, the idea of having one single White woman being surrounded by such primitive, outright stupid and dangerous darkness – should make you shiver. In both scenarios, the White woman is raped and killed – in at least one of them – she is also eaten. Since this is a dental healthcare we are talking about – one has only two end results about her teeth – she’d either have no teeth at all anymore, or the only thing that would remain of her are the teeth.

And there she was sittinggetting top notch dental healthcare from the evil White devil. Being operated by instruments, machines, technologies which she would have never dreamed of. Going through doors which open themselves, staying on stairs which move on their own, sitting in a closed room on a cloudy day while having light in the room through electricity, surfing on the internet on her smartphone, wearing modern designer clothes to keep her warm, etc. All of this of course, simply fell from the sky and has nothing to do with White European people inventing all that stuff and creating a civilization which supports it. You know, sometimes I marvel at all the things our Race has accomplished. I look at even the most basic things that we use each and every day and simply take a moment to grasp in that someone invented this, someone created this, and I’m still using it. All of it European.

One shouldn’t judge a Bear by his knowledge of Mathematics, they say. One shouldn’t expect a fish to be able to build a house and wield a hammer. But the Jew has managed to convince us that we should look at non-White Races and fool ourselves into thinking that they are the exact same as we are. Why is it that the Africans never developed anything, that they didn’t even have the Wheel or Fire up to the late 1800’s until we gave it to them? Why do we expect of them to be able to grasp our civilization, our lifestyle, our way of thinking – our soul, spirit, mind and body? Well, the healthy and sane among us do not expect anything like that of them. As for the Africans – it serves them no good either to try to live like Europeans – it is not natural for them and it will never fulfill them.

We know we are different. We know that we won’t ever be the same. It is a fact. An undeniable fact.

But the Jew got us convinced that we are the same because their One Single God Yahweh created all of us. Let that statement sink in for a moment. There are hundreds of millions of White European Christians, White European Freemasons, Liberals, Anarchists, Communists, Bolsheviks, Feminists, Democrats, etc. – who believe that shit. They believe it, because they believe in the Jewish ideology which supports such a claim. The Jewish ideology which the Jews have sold to them. A sickness, a mind virus, a mental delusion which the Jew, as the Virus, has implanted into them.

Is anyone really going to convince you that the Chinese are exactly the same as the Africans? That they are exactly the same god damn being with just different skin color? How stupid must one become in order to swallow such a pile of crap? But the masses have taken it all in – hook, line and sinker. Are we to believe that the hyena is the same as the lion? Are we to believe that the eagle is the same as the mockingbird? At what point does this mental idiocy stop? Where is the end to it? By this same pattern of thought do the Jews then manipulate these imbeciles into thinking that homosexuality is the same as heterosexuality, that it is perfectly natural and normal – as if Nature and God intended for any Species to simply cease to exist by being homos. And such a “liberal” train of thought simply must come to pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, incest – because it doesn’t stop ever. Degeneracy keeps on sinking into the abyss until it becomes the abyss itself. Lifeless, dead and void of existence.

This is why any form of degeneracy hates Nationalism and the European idea of Self-Preservation, Self-Sufficiencybecause the Disease of Degeneracy cannot survive on its own. Jews, as parasites who need a host, create other parasites who need the same host in order to further weaken the host. The homosexuals cannot simply separate and exist on their own as they would die out in one generation. The same is true for all the other degenerate imbeciles who walk among us nowadays, be they transgenders or feminists – it is the same hive mind of parasites who need a host to look out for them. None of them want something of their own – they just want us to live for them, to let them vampire us to death while they enjoy the bloodbath.

The Jew creates mindless servants who, once they have eradicated us as their enemy, will cease to exist on their own. The degenerates are not a Jewish concern. The degenerates will defeat themselves in the end, on their own.

The Jewish overlords have reached a point of our White genocide where they are openly indoctrinating our children into believing that their very existence is a Sin, that they should race-mix in order to atone, that they should not have White children, that they should sacrifice themselves for non-Whites and so on. And we do nothing against this. This same pattern started a long time ago with Christianity. The more Christian the first fronts that fell in ancient Europe became, the less European they were. Greece is not even comparable to what it was in Ancient times. It would take you a long time to find a blond or red-haired Greek person, a common sight 2000 years ago. The indoctrinated Christian will refuse this to the very last day, but I have written on that subject so much that it has become annoying to me as well.

Every kind of White group is immediately labelled as “White supremacy”, a term which has no meaning or value whatsoever. Being master of your own house is suddenly Racism, Supremacy and Privilege. A mother being the mother of her own children is privilege. Let that sink in for a moment. If Africans can’t control a farm and therefore supply their own people with food, but White people can – then it is simply “White supremacy and privilege” – it just couldn’t be White Genetics, White Nature, White Capabilities to survive, strive and better their own existence. We are privileged because we are capable of living on our own without any god damn fucking help from anyone. The Jew knows very well that Natural Hierarchy exists, and even though he hates Nature and tells us that his entire worldview is anti-Nature, he does everything he can to plan according to Natural Laws.

The Jew has given the weapons and the means to the hyenas in order to destroy the lions. He has convinced the mockingbird to be the same as the eagle, and has told the eagle to be privileged for being born a god damn eagle. The stopping of the Jew is truly the only mission any intelligent and aware person should have in his life. I’d wager to say that it is the ultimate purpose of life itself for any intelligent humanoid who once recognize this planetary infestation. Wherever the Jew has managed to invade a Nation or a People, he has turned it into a shit hole, into a degenerate culture of apathy, arrogance, ignorance, death and destruction.

Egypt fell, Rome fell, Greece fell, Persia fell, Babylon fell, Sumeria fell, etc. – but the Jew who destroyed each and every one of them – still remains.

So you see, we aren’t winning. We haven’t been winning against the Jew for the last 3000+ years. We identified him many times before, throughout our entire history, but never really had the guts to end him once and for all. We always underestimated the Jew in his first form where he entered a host Nation “just a day ago” – we looked at him as the disgusting, vile, horrible smelling creature who would set up a shop in dark alleys and try to sell something. We looked at him as the annoying and loud character who would always try to create problems or make himself important. Theft, murder, lies and deception lurked wherever he existed.

And we looked at this first Jewish form with disgust but never with true hatred. We kicked them out and never really dealt with them. Alas, the Virus mutates, it adapts, it looks for a way to penetrate the organism – again and again and – again. It camouflages itself and tries to act, walk and talk more like us in order to become accepted. It creates an artificial link by which we can identify as “brothers” – Christianity, Freemasonry, and various similar cults of idiocy. It creates ideologies and statutes of victim-hood behind which we can unite as “brothers in suffering” – Feminism, Liberalism, Democracy, etc. The virus attempts to penetrate, infiltrate, manipulate and finally destroy the Host – by any means necessary.

It is no wonder therefore that the idea of never-ending growth and Capitalism came from the Jew as well. It is a parasitic mindset that has no other purpose but growth – just as the cells of cancer have no other purpose but to keep on growing until they consume the very host body which allowed them to exist in the first place. What the cancer cells do to the body manifests in our organic life as Communism – the destruction of the body which got infested.

The more apathy and tolerance our Society develops, the easier it will be for the Jew to exterminate us.

We have to look at everything from our own perspective. It has nothing to do with “human rights” or “humanity“, when the Jew doesn’t allow us to speak the Truth. The Jew is merely forcing us to “tolerate” everything that is happening to us by not allowing us to speak out against it. We are told to “tolerate” all the rapes, deaths and murders that are going on with the planned invasion of every European Nation. We are told to “tolerate” gays, pedophiles and transgenders who are not only a danger to our children, but to the entire fabric of the family unit. We are told to “tolerate” the loss of our lands, the loss of our political systems and governments – we are told to “tolerate” the replacement of our people. We are told not to “hate” any of this, as hatred is a Sin – and has been a Sin – since the day of the invention of the Jewish New Testament.

This tolerance and apathy is further empowered by the fact that the Jews control the entire infrastructure of food, government, politics, money, media, etc. Whoever does not comply to their rules is going to end up without a job, will have no money, will die from hunger, will get jailed, character assassinated, or if necessary – murdered. This is the way the Jew controls the Host nation once he installed himself as the True Shadow Government behind the scene. This is the dictatorship we live under. This is true Tyranny. The total control of everything through fear.

Therefore nothing will change until we get rid of the current money system we live under – the current Jewish FED and Usury, which has consumed every single Nation on this planet. Until the last Jewish Bank has been burned to the ground, we won’t know what it means to be free. Not only is the Jewish Bank destroying you through Usury, but it is literally eating away your existence through taxes and various other percentages which you have to pay for. A Jewish commandment from the Old Testament of the Bible – to rule the non-Jewish world through Usury.

Nothing will change until we destroy the Jewish control of Money.

Through this money the Jews can brainwash the masses in every possible way they like. They can finance, buy up, take over, control and manipulate whatever and whomever they please. There is no way that a non-Jewish person can rise up to power anymore without them destroying him or taking him over. The Jews can “award” any lemming with money in order to manipulate his behavior. And they award, of course, effeminate, degenerate, marxist ideologies and people – people who would perish on their own, but the Jews keep them alive in order to destroy those of us who are sane, healthy and normal. Just as it said in the New Testament : The Jewish God chose the stupid to destroy the wise. He chose the low to destroy the noble. All written a long fucking time ago for us to identify and understand and yet we simply overlooked the Jewish pattern and strategies – over and over and over – again.

Millions of people are playing video games every single day and the Jews have been promoting this lifestyle through platforms like Twitch – where young people are their own one-man TV program and thousands of others watch them. The Jew, as per usual, awards you for the amount of time you waste collectively for all people that watch you. Every now and then an “anonymous” person will “donate” to these streamers thousands of dollars in order to keep them going for more – in order to make them think that what they are doing is really worthy of their existence, is really a good life choice, is really a way to live.

And these lemmings do not wish to lose that easy lifestyle – so they will do everything in their power to keep it alive – and to keep getting that money flowing in. You can replace Twitch with Jewish Democracy, Feminism, Liberalism – the “platform” which the Jews provide for the lemmings is irrelevant – it serves two main purposes : To steal the time of the Gentile population and to further any and all Jewish goals and agendas. How is a mass of Twitch players, of effeminate people who will drink themselves to suffocation on a live stream in order to earn more money, ever going to resist the Jew? They won’t. They don’t have the nerves, nor the time anymore to research anything that is important.

Donations, Likes, Dislikes, Upvotes and Downvotes – these are all mental and psychological manipulations through which the Jew enforces certain behavior in the Gentile population.

Recently a Jewish leader of a Socialist Communist party in Austria got jailed – the party itself struggles now to survive – because the Jewish “socialist” was actually Capitalizing, read financing, the party with a constant flow of cash. Rest assured, another Jew will soon pop up to continue financing their little idiots in that party, but it goes to show you that the degenerates have no way to survive once the Jewish link has been disconnected. The problem is that most of these idiots are also our own Racial brethren and that they become useless, dangerous and outright hostile – if the Jewish link lasted for far too long.

Therefore our next problem is that we, the healthy and sane ones, in order to save, help and heal those who were linked to the Jewish mind hive – we must create an infrastructure and society that is going to be able to take care of them and turn them on our side again. Not merely as “allies”, but as truly aware White European people who will learn and understand again what it means to be truly Free, to be capable of taking care of one’s own Self, to be able to walk the streets without being harassed or murdered at night, to be able to have your children play outside without worrying that a degenerate will rape or steal them – the list goes on and on – they have to witness again what it means to live in a purely European Society made by Europeans for Europeans. They have to understand the difference between being totally free or being allowed to exist as long as you work against your own people.

Nothing will change however because our people are not getting the right data and information on a daily basis we do not control the Media, the Newspapers, the Television, hell we don’t even control the Internet. We do not control the Propaganda all of these sources push forward, and we do not control our Governments, nor the people behind them. The average lemming has no way, he lacks the means to awaken on a daily basis – and is constantly being bombarded with lies and deception. This must change. We are trying to do this with the Internet as we speak, but it is way too slow, way too easy to destroy and corrupt – we must find a better way.

The Jew controls the Money, the Media, the Government, the Propaganda and the Lemmings. We aren’t winning.

The Jew is taking over one City after the other by importing non-Europeans into our homelands. The Jewish purpose and goal is but one : To exterminate White Europeans. Only then will one finally understand what is going on in the world right now. The hyenas were never meant to be able to kill off the lions. The mockingbird was never meant to be an eagle. The Jew was never meant to acquire the Power he has – because with this Power – he is going to destroy the whole Earth, the entire Planet, all of that which is Good, Noble, Pure and Natural.

Alas, the parasite doesn’t see the end of that story – he doesn’t understand and see that he himself is going to also perish in the end. Thus, the Jewish parasite invented the idea of a Messiah – of someone, or something that will somehow change the course of Reality and Nature itself – who will reshape existence as we know it and allow the Jews to keep on existing as parasites once all other life has been extinguished. They need a Messiahno one else on the planet needs one.

Therefore, nothing will change until we outplay this Jewish control, until we take it away from them, or until we destroy the system which supports it. Perhaps destroying all the values which are associated with it could be a good way of approaching this problem. But, do not ever talk about winning again, because we aren’t winning anything at all. A day does not go by in which you can’t see one more White person being killed, raped and murdered – a day does not go by where more and more of our territory has been lost. We haven’t been winning for the last 3000+ years, but it is about damn time that we realize this fact and transform everything we do.

We must evolve and transform. We must heal ourselves. And healing means that we must entirely destroy the Virus that has invaded our Body, our Organism, our Nations.

It is truly a blessing that our Immune system operates on its own without waiting for a Message or Approval of the Mind. The Immune system is, in many ways, the “Warrior“, the “Samurai“, the Aryan, who acts upon evil the moment he sees it. There are no discussions, no debates, no rules being exchanged or made – the Immune system tries to destroy the bacteria and virus immediately when it encounters it. And if it fails, you get sick. And if you don’t manage to recover, if your Immune system does not find a way to fight against the invasion of your organism – you die.

The same is true on every other metaphysical level of our existence. However, the Jewish Virus in human form used his power of Speech, of Mental manipulation, of Propaganda, of his “Mouth”, in order to disable our Immune system from reacting against it. Not only has the Jew injected us with sicknesses which we were not able to defend ourselves against, but he also convinced us to not defend ourselves against those which we did recognize as dangerous. Do not Resist Evil. Love your Enemy. Hate your Family. One message after the other – and our Immune system was overwritten by ideologies which didn’t allow it to act or react. Christianity was the first Jewish propaganda tool used on us in order to destroy us. And it succeeded.

Our Firewall has been penetrated. Our Immune system has been disabled. Our Thoughts are not our own anymore. Our Freedom has been taken away from us and we have been turned into Slaves who work for the interest of the Virus. Life as we know it has no purpose at the moment. The average White European has no ideal, no meaning to exist, but to keep on existing from day to day. All visions have been lost, all the glory of the White Man discouraged, the beauty of the White Woman neutralized. All that remains is an almost dead body which knows not what to do, except that it should try real hard to go on for at least one more day.

That, my Aryan brothers and sisters, has to change! Every single one of you is a Creator, a Torch-bearer of our Ancestors, an Aryan noble with the potential of becoming a God and Goddess once again. Let us find the courage, the strength and the willpower to live our lives again as we see fit, as our Nature demands it, as the Creator himself designed it. But, nothing will happen as long as we are led to believe that we are “winning” and that something “good” is actually going on. It isn’t. We aren’t winning.

And the main reason for that is that YOU haven’t become more involved. That you haven’t made another White person aware today. That you haven’t decided yet how nothing else is more important in your life than this mission: To save our people. Think. Organize. Evolve. Learn. Become a self-appointed agent of this movement. Group with others, invest money into building up organizations and safe-houses.

We aren’t winning, but we haven’t been entirely defeated yet either. Control your time, control your thoughts, be ever vigilant and have but one goal in front of you – the Resurrection and  Restoration of the Aryan European. Only YOU can make that happen. It is YOUR destiny – to become strong, intelligent, wise, to be a leader, to become a legend – I am merely reminding you of it.

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