Saturday, July 27, 2019

Adolf Hitler About Painting, Sculpture and Architecture

The capital city of art and of our movement is Munich and it will remain Munich.

Speech of March 12, 1934 in Munich

The whole art and literature babbling of cubists, futurists, dadaists etc. is neither racially based nor bearable for the folk.

Speech of September 5, 1934 in Nuremberg

It is... downright wrong to speak of a “new style” to be sought, rather one can just hope that our best humanity may be chosen by Providence to - from an inner essence moved by blood - just as sovereignly solve the task presented to us today as, for example, the Aryan folks of antiquity managed. What this, related to us past, has handed down to us in constructive and artistically valuable experience. we wish to utilize and further develop just as freely, just as the art of the ancients was itself the result of a long-term development. Decisive is only that we - through the conscious emphasis of the racial substance bearing our folk as well as the corresponding world-view - create a core, whose creative spirit can work for long time spans.

Speech of September 1, 1933 in Nuremberg

It is... the first task of a new German art development to loosen the cramped style.

Speech of September 5, 1934 in Nuremberg

Whoever only seeks the new for the sake of the new, all too easily errs into the sphere of foolishness, since the most stupid thing, executed in stone and material, can all the more easily be the really new thing, because in earlier eras not every fool was permitted to insult the environment with the misbegotten creations of a sick mind...But one should take care not to want to see in such experiments alone already the proof for the significance of a man and his work.

Speech of September 1, 1933 in Nuremberg

In every time Providence has given to only a few blessed ones the mission to shape something really immorally new. They are hence the guides for a long future, and it is part of the education of a nation to teach the people the necessary reverence toward these great men; for they are the embodiment of the highest values of a folk.

Speech of September 1, 1933 in Nuremberg

Architecture receives commissions of the greatest magnitude.

Proclamation of September 5, 1934 in Nuremberg

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