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Adolf Hitler About the Propaganda

The cleaning of our public life of manifestations of decay leads to a reform of our press, of film and of theater life.

Speech of January 30, 1934 in Berlin

It is no pleasure to read fifteen newspapers, which all have almost the same content: over the course of time our editors must again be so schooled that they can add their own valuable contributions to the national construction. But I can assure you of one thing: I will tolerate no press, whose purpose is to destroy what we have started to build up.

Interview of April 3, 1934 in Berlin

If it is the attitude of an editor to put his own interesting world-view in opposition to ours, he should be told that I will then use the modern possibilities of the press likewise to combat him. I will give no chance whatever to the agents of foreign powers; such agents violate their right as guest. I welcome a foreign correspondent who reports objectively and without bias what he sees and hears in Germany. But every correspondent - for the sake of himself as well as of his reputation as journalist - should not expose himself to the risk of having to later contradict himself.

Interview of April 3, 1934 in Berlin

While I on the one hand wish criticism, I on the other hand insist that those who work for the well-being of the whole folk must have the security of being able to pursue their work in peace.

Interview of April 3, 1934 in Berlin

A press, which is fundamentally anti-national, cannot be tolerated in Germany. Whoever denies the nation, has no business in it. We must demand that the press becomes the instrument of the national self-education.

Speech of April 27, 1923 in Munich

The name “Völkischer Beobachter” [“Folkish Observer”] has become a program for itself. Made war upon and attacked by a whole world of enemies, countless times persecuted and banned, our central organ has conveyed to tens of thousands and again tens of thousands of fighters the spiritual basics and fundaments, which make up the essence of our present National Socialist view. Distributed across the entire German-speaking area of Europe, our “Völkischer Beobachter” has helped everywhere to create cells for the German liberation struggle, but conveyed to existing groups that knowledge, which is indispensable for the unity of the thought and of the action of our movement.

From the Central Publishing House of the NSDAP: Eher, Munich, distributed for advertising purpose

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David Duke & Mark Collett: The Racist War Against White People

Dr. David Duke Radio Show (19-Jun-2020)

Dr. Duke and Mark Collett had a discussion on the acceleration of the attack on white people world-wide by the Jewish elite using blacks and immigrants as a front.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Fashion for Genocide

by Dr. William L. Pierce
American Dissident Voices broadcast, September 26th 1998

A month ago, I told you about the murder of two White girls, Tracy Lambert and Susan Moore, in Fayetteville, North Carolina, as part of the initiation of new members into the Black and Hispanic Crips gang. I’m still receiving comments about that program. Apparently many listeners – especially those with Internet access – checked out the facts as reported in the Fayetteville newspaper, and they were shocked that, just as I said, there was no media coverage of these terrible murders outside the Fayetteville area. They were shocked that virtually all of the mainstream media around the country would deliberately hide the news of these racially motivated murders from the White public – and these were the same media which had made such a sensation about the killing of a convicted Black drug dealer and his girlfriend in Fayetteville by a White soldier, James Burmeister, in December 1995.

But really, no one who has been listening to my broadcasts should have been shocked. I have commented over and over again about the virtual control of all of America’s mass media by the Jews, and I have pointed out many times that the Jews’ policy is to disarm the White population morally as well as physically by deliberately creating the false impression that Whites are oppressors and victimizers, and non-Whites are our innocent victims. They want us to feel guilty. They want us to feel that it would be immoral for us to resist any of their schemes for more non-White immigration, for more so-called “diversity” and “multiculturalism,” for more racial mixing and racial intermarriage.

That is what the Jewish media bosses are deliberately pushing: the destruction of our people through racial mixing, and they don’t want us to put up any resistance. And I am sorry to say, their program is succeeding. When they send their step’n’fetchit Bill Clinton around the country making speeches about how much he is looking forward to an America with a non-White majority, about how any resistance to the government’s programs for the darkening of America would be un-American, he is applauded by brainwashed young Whites who have been deceived by this deliberately falsified media impression of Whites as oppressors.

Now you know, I am making a pretty serious accusation. I am accusing the Jewish population as a whole – and the Jewish media bosses in particular – of planning our annihilation as a race, of planning to commit genocide against us. And I don’t want anyone to think that I am basing my accusation on only the few instances of racially motivated killings I already have cited: their suppression of the news of the Fayetteville murders of two White girls by the Crips and their sensationalizing of the news of the Fayetteville shooting of a Black drug dealer and his girlfriend by a White soldier and of the dragging death of another convicted Black criminal in Texas by three Whites. And so today I’ll talk a bit more about anti-White crimes which the Jewish media have deliberately covered up. The details aren’t pleasant – in fact, they are shocking – but I believe that many listeners need to be shocked.

Let’s begin with another crime which occurred in Fayetteville. This is timely because the trial of the criminals began just last week. Here’s what happened: Donald Lange, a 25-year-old White soldier at Fort Bragg was leaving an International House of Pancakes in Fayetteville. He accidentally bumped into a group of seven Black soldiers who were going in. The Blacks began punching Lange while shouting racial insults at him. They dragged him into the adjacent parking lot and stomped and kicked him while continuing to shout racial epithets.

A witness in the trial of the Blacks, Tracye Cochran, was in the parking lot where the assault took place. She told the court last week, “The Black person who threw the first punch was the one who knocked him down... It dropped him down to his knees. He got back up and got hit again... I was walking toward the fight screaming and hollering for them to leave him alone... By then he was just getting hit by people left and right.” Another witness, Gina Perez, testified that she saw eight or ten Blacks kicking and stomping Lange as he lay on the pavement. She told of seeing one Black kicking Lange in the face, causing his head to slam into the pavement and bounce back. The Black would then kick him again, over and over. Perez said, “They just kicked him to death. I remember him being on his side, being kicked over and over again.”

Actually they didn’t quite kick Lange to death. They just destroyed his brain. He has neither moved nor spoken since the beating. His brain was so badly damaged that doctors say that he will never again be more than a vegetable.

Now, if you live outside the Fayetteville area, I’ll wager that you’ve heard not a word about what happened to Donald Lange before this broadcast. Imagine what you would have heard if Donald had been Black and the soldiers who destroyed his life had been White. The networks would have shown Mr. Clinton denouncing the attack on television and calling for new laws against “hate crime.” In fact, that’s exactly what they had Clinton doing last year when a White teen-ager beat up a Black teen-ager who had come into his White Chicago neighborhood. Clinton referred to the incident in his weekly radio address and used it as an example of why we must do something about “race hate.” But Mr. Clinton has responded to the stomping of Donald Lange with silence.

If Donald Lange had been Black and his attackers White, the media bosses would have had Janet Reno on television announcing that she was sending in the FBI. The media would have been interviewing every professional hate merchant: the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, Morris Dees and his Southern Poverty Law Center, and all the rest. The media would have made a real circus of it, and the whole world would have had it drummed into their consciousness: another hate crime against a poor, innocent Black by White racists in Fayetteville.

In order to convince the media bosses that he was doing something to “end hate” after the Burmeister shooting of the Black drug dealer, the commanding general of Fort Bragg ordered a witch hunt among the White soldiers on the base. Every White soldier was checked for tattoos that might suggest a skinhead affiliation. As the media frenzy continued, the witch hunt for White racists in the Army eventually spread to other bases. Now, don’t hold your breath waiting for the general at Fort Bragg to start questioning Black soldiers about their racial beliefs and their gang affiliations because of what Blacks from the base did to White soldier Donald Lange. The media pressure just isn’t there, and the general has better things to do with his time.

Last month a Black mob in Alton, Illinois, which is a suburb of St. Louis, beat a White man to death who had made the mistake of coming into their neighborhood looking for his stolen television set. As they were beating and kicking 48-year-old Richard Skelton to death on August 10, the Blacks hooted, laughed, and shouted racial insults, according to a number of eye-witnesses.

Now, it’s possible that you may have read a few words about this racially motivated murder – if you’re a careful reader of the small news items in the back pages of your newspaper. But you certainly didn’t see anything about it on television or read any detailed news accounts, unless you live in the immediate vicinity of Alton. Even the news accounts in Alton tried to excuse the Black murderers by suggesting that Skelton may have precipitated the attack on himself by using racially insensitive language in asking about his stolen television set. But there is no dispute about the facts. Blacks began beating the unarmed White man. Black bystanders watched and shouted encouragement to the attackers. Others joined in the attack, and soon as many as 25 Blacks were beating and kicking Skelton. They continued kicking him until he was dead.

Again, imagine the response of the controlled mass media if the races of the victim and the killers had been reversed: a Black wanders into a White neighborhood and is beaten to death by a mob of 25 Whites who laugh and shout racial insults as the Black dies. My god, the media would be apoplectic! They would be calling for martial law and a roundup of all heterosexual White males who weren’t registered Democrats. Everybody in the world would be hearing about the killing over and over and over again, along with sermons against White racism. But as it is, most of my listeners are now hearing about last month’s racially motivated mob murder of Richard Skelton for the first time.

Here’s another one that you may have read a few words about if you’re a news hound or if you live in eastern New York state. Earlier this month in Poughkeepsie, New York, a town on the Hudson River about 70 miles north of New York City, police discovered the decomposing corpses of seven White women and one Black woman in the house of Kendall Francois. The women had been murdered over a two-year period, with the latest being killed just a month ago. Francois is a 27-year-old Black man who works as a hall monitor in a nearby high school. Affirmative action got him the school job even though he had a previous arrest record. Francois was living with his mother and father and younger sister – and eight decaying corpses. Police found the dead women lying on beds and in the midst of piles of rotting garbage in various rooms of his house. Francois’s parents and his sister, who is employed as a nurse at a nearby hospital, said that they hadn’t worried about the stench from the dead women because they thought it was the odor of the garbage which had been allowed to accumulate in the house. Francois had picked up the women, one at a time, taken them to his house, had sex with them, and then strangled them.

Now, in a sense the murders of these women may not have been race crimes. The women were all prostitutes, and aside from the fact that Francois had a preference for killing White prostitutes, we don’t really know what his motive was for killing them. And I should add that I believe that any White woman, prostitute or not, who consents to sexual relations with a Black deserves death, so I cannot really condemn Francois for killing them.

The real racial angle to these killings is the media response – or lack thereof. Do you remember John Wayne Gacy or Jeffrey Dahmer? I’m sure you do, even though Gacy was arrested 20 years ago and Dahmer more than seven years ago. Both of them also were serial killers who stashed the bodies of their victims in or under their houses. Both received enormous publicity when police caught them – so much that we still remember them many years later. But they were both White.

Gacy and Dahmer, of course, received extraordinarily heavy media coverage not because they were White, but because their shocking crimes were extraordinarily newsworthy. Francois has received almost no media coverage outside the Poughkeepsie area, not because his shocking crimes were not extraordinarily newsworthy, but because he is Black and most of his victims were White.

Earlier this month a court in Colorado convicted Francisco Martinez of participating in the abduction, gang rape, torture, and murder of a 14-year-old White girl, Brandy Duvall. Martinez and six other members of the Black and Hispanic Bloods gang grabbed Brandy from a bus stop in Denver on the night of May 30, last year. They took the young White girl to the house of one of the gang members and spent several hours raping her and then sexually torturing her with a knife and a broomstick. During the trial one of the gang members told the court how Martinez laughed as he repeatedly rammed a broomstick into the body of the bleeding girl while she screamed and pleaded for her life. Later they stabbed the 14-year-old girl 28 times and dumped her body in a ditch. Then they went home and disposed of the bloody mattress on which she had been raped and tortured.

Four of the Bloods gang members have pleaded guilty, one other besides Martinez has been tried and convicted, and one is still awaiting trial. This case is reminiscent of the Fayetteville murders last month of two White girls by members of the Crips. The Crips and the Bloods are the two largest non-White gangs in the United States. Like the Fayetteville murders, Brandy Duvall’s murder and the subsequent trials have received virtually no national news coverage, although Denver-area newspapers did report them.

Once again, imagine the reaction of the television networks and all of the other national media if instead of the Bloods raping, sexually torturing, and murdering a 14-year-old White girl, seven Ku Klux Klan members had done that to a Black girl or a Mexican girl. The gruesome details would be on every television screen in America night after night after night, and there would be no end to the parade of politicians and preachers and professional hate merchants telling us about the evils of White racism. We know that’s what would happen, because we have seen it before in far less egregious cases, most recently in the dragging death of the Black convict in Jasper, Texas, this summer.

Now, all of the Black-on-White crimes I’ve just mentioned – the stomping of Donald Lange by Black soldiers in Fayetteville until he became a mindless vegetable; the kicking of Richard Skelton to death by a Black mob in Alton, Illinois, when he tried to retrieve his stolen television set; the murder of seven White prostitutes by a Black school monitor in Poughkeepsie, New York; the horrible rape, torture, and murder of 14-year-old Brandy Duvall by members of the Bloods gang in the Denver area after they had snatched her from a bus stop – all of these either occurred during the past month or came to trial during the past month. And I could have given you twenty more recent examples of horrible race crimes committed by non-Whites against Whites which have received the silent treatment by the media, except in the areas where they occurred. And these are all crimes which would have received extensive national publicity if they had been White-on-Black crimes.

Anyway, I hope that I’ve made my point. And my point is that the controlled media are far more likely to publicize White-on-Black crimes than Black-on-White crimes. And this is not just a fluke. It’s not that I have carefully selected a few Black-on-White crimes which somehow escaped the attention of the media. No, their way of dealing with interracial crime is systematic. It is consistent. We all understand that. If the Ku Klux Klan does something, the Jewish media act as if the sky is falling. If the Bloods or the Crips do something, they ignore it. There is no denying that. We know it’s true.

So why do they do it? If I ask a non-Jewish newspaper writer or television reporter or magazine editor: “Why do you and your colleagues minimize the news of Black-on-White crime? Why are you protective of non-White organizations such as the Bloods and the Crips? Don’t you believe that you have a responsibility to warn the White public about the dangers posed for us by non-White crime in general and by non-White gangs such as the Bloods and the Crips in particular?

“And why do your colleagues maximize the news of any White-on-Black crime? Why do you go ballistic if there’s any possibility of a White organizational connection, even if some racially oriented literature is found in the White offender’s possession? Don’t you understand that the Bloods and the Crips are essentially anti-White criminal organizations, while the Klan can only be accused of having members who sometimes do stupid things? Why do you deliberately create the false impression in the public mind that White-on-Black crime – that’s what you call “hate crime” – is a big problem in our society, and at the same time you hide from the public the truly horrendous and dangerous problem of Black-on-White crime? Why do you do it?”

I’ve never gotten really clear and honest answers to these questions. But what is clear is that they all know how they’re expected to report the news. They know what the party line is. They know which side their bread is buttered on. It’s clear that the top media bosses have set the fashion for reporting interracial crime, and no one who works for them is willing to depart from the fashion.

That fashion, which is almost never stated explicitly, which is only implied, is this: White people are evil – especially heterosexual White males. They have persecuted non-Whites for hundreds of years. White people really shouldn’t complain if non-Whites sometimes strike back at them. That’s only justice. When Blacks and Mexicans organize in gangs, it’s only to protect themselves from Whites. But when Whites organize, it’s to oppress non-Whites. Whites need to be reminded that they are oppressors. That’s why White crimes against non-Whites should be emphasized. And if we’re to have a happy and prosperous multicultural society with lots of diversity, which is of course a wonderful thing, then Whites need to mix more with non-Whites . . . so we shouldn’t give them any news which might make them reluctant to mix. We shouldn’t tell them about Black crimes against Whites, because that might frighten White women away from Black men. It might even lead Whites to organize against non-Whites. In the long run the only sure way to have a peaceful society, in which everyone gets along with everyone else, is to get rid of the White majority: to replace the present White majority with a non-White majority. A lot of racial mixing and racial intermarriage will help to achieve that, and we should report the news with that aim in mind.

That is the prevailing fashion in the controlled mass media today, whether the media people will admit it or not. That fashion has been set deliberately by the media bosses. And I, curious and inquisitive person that I am, have looked at where that fashion is taking us, and when I have done that I have looked into the face of death: racial death, racial extinction. And I, hardheaded cynic that I am, have decided that the Jewish media bosses who designed the current fashion in reporting the news have in fact designed it with that aim in mind. And I also have decided that it is our responsibility to ourselves, to our posterity, to our ancestors, and to the God of Nature which made us what we are to use any and all means – any and all means – to combat these Jewish media bosses and their collaborators in the government, in the schools, in the churches, and wherever else we find them.

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The jewish Post-War Ethnic Cleansing of German Silesia and Breslau

The Post-War Ethnic Cleansing of German Silesia

Stolen Heritage: German Silesia

In the parts of Germany taken for Poland in 1945, the entire ethnic German population was either murdered, expelled or faced severe reprisals at war’s end. As cited elsewhere, in East Prussia and Pomerania, from Danzig to Stettin to Elbing and to all of the old Baltic German cities, catastrophic jewish Allied bombing was followed by jewish Red Terror. The few surviving Germans in these areas were placed before violent judeo Communist led “verification” committees who decided their fate. Their language and civil rights were immediately suspended. Thousands died trying to flee. Slave labor camps in Poland included, among those run by the infamously sadistic Salomon Morel and Czesław Gęborski, the Central Labour Camp Jaworzno, Central Labour Camp Potulice, Łambinowice, Zgoda labour camp and others. Aside from being thrown into one of these 1,255 “labor” camps under Polish administration in early 1945, it was estimated that about 165,000 Germans were deported to slave labor in the Soviet Union from the German territories annexed de-facto by Poland.

With German defeat in 1945, all of Silesia was suddenly occupied by the jewish Soviet Red Army who, following their violent pattern, embarked upon another horrendous spree of rape. In one instance, 182 Catholic nuns were raped in Neisse and in the diocese of Kattowitz, they left behind 66 pregnant nuns. Even small children were not spared the horrors of violent sexual assault, and little girls were being attacked as often as their mothers. Boys who tried to protect their mothers and sisters were shot, as were many of the victims afterward.

Churchill proposed the genocidal plan adopted at the 1945 Potsdam Conference for putting Poland “on wheels” and “rolling it westward” into German lands. As a result of his final solution to the “German problem,” millions of Poles were displaced from territories granted to the USSR and even more millions of Germans were expelled from lands they had inhabited since the 13th century.

Silesian Germans, some of whom had roots in Silesia going back centuries, and who before World War II amounted to about 4 million, were collectively labelled “German partisans” and either fled or were murdered, put in camps, sent to the jewish Gulags or expelled. Often, the men would be rounded up from the villages and camps and marched a short distance away, shot and buried in mass graves. Under the terms of the agreements at the Yalta Conference of 1944 and the Potsdam Agreement of 1945, German Silesia east of the rivers Oder and Lusatian Neisse was transferred to Poland. Poles from lands stolen by Stalin were trucked in and resettled there before the blood had even dried. The Germans were sometimes ordered to not only leave all of their possessions behind, they were ordered to leave the beds made with clean linen. It was efficient, well-planned and organized.

An order of expulsion was placed upon the expellees by Communist Section Commander Major Zinkowski:

1. On July 14, 1945 from 6 to 9 oclock resettlement of the German population will take place.

2. The German population will be resettled to an area west of the river Neisse.

3. Each German is allowed to take 20kg of luggage with him at the most.

4. No means of transportation (wagons, oxen, horses, cows etc) is permitted.

5. The total of the living and dead inventory in an undamaged state remains the property of Poland.

6. The last resettlement deadline will terminate on the 14th of July at 10 o’clock.

7. Noncompliance with this order will be punished severely, including the use of weapons.

8. Sabotage and looting will also be prevented by the use of weapons.

9. Assembly point on the street station Bad Salzbrunn Edelsbacher Weg in a four person marching column. The head of the column is to be 20 meters before the village of Adelsbach.

10. Those Germans who have a certified non-evacuation order, are not permitted to leave their dwelling with their family members from 5 o’clock to 14:00.

11. All dwellings in the city must remain open; all apartment and house keys must be left outside.


Thousands of Breslau civilians had waited to evacuate the city when they heard news of the jewish Soviet advance on January 14, 1945.They could not evacuate until 6 days later because of rail damage and battles. In panic and desperation, 50,000 to 60,000 left on foot, mostly women and children, in bitter winter weather. In the process, some 18,000 frozen bodies were recovered along their trails and 70 children were crushed to death under wagon wheels. 90,000 Breslauers are thought to have died in the trek. Partly because they realized the hopelessness of evacuating, another 200,000 or so civilians remained in the inner city, and by February 15, the Soviet noose tightened around them. Breslau was the last major city in eastern Germany to fall on May 7, 1945.

Although the city was only bombed once, massive destruction took place in the aftermath. Breslau was largely destroyed. The medieval parts of the city and almost all historical landmarks were gutted. The buildings that escaped bomb damage were burned and looted by the jewish Soviets. It was said there was a murdered, disfigured or disemboweled German hung on every lamp post in the city.

The entire youth of Germany, boys of 14 to 17 years, and the Volkstrum, consisting of old men, were all the defense that was left during these last days of war. These pitiful troops were all that stood between Germany and Armageddon. Over a thousand of these boys arrived to defend Breslau where they awaited the Russian onslaught. Many of the youngest boys killed themselves out of sheer terror while others fought on desperately for days until the city finally fell on May 6, 1945.

The 40,000 survivors of the German garrison who surrendered were executed, thrown into mass graves or taken to the Gulag, from which few returned. Over 30,000 more civilians would die, most from homicide, but there were also about 3,000 suicides. The jewish led Red Army went house to house and block to block embarking on vicious rape and slaughter. For 77 days, the carnage and mayhem lasted, the Soviets murdering and burning people alive. Thousands of Breslauers lay dead in the ruins, and the city was almost 70% destroyed. Like most of Silesia, Breslau was placed under Polish administration. Most surviving German inhabitants were expelled and all German property was taken. By the 1950s, Breslau had been cleansed of most of its dried blood as well as remaining Germans and the real history of the city. Renamed “Wrocław,” it was resettled with Poles.

It was not just adults who were expelled from their homes. Children became adults overnight when suddenly orphaned or when separated from their parents, and they had to face the hard and dangerous treks alone, at the mercy of the elements and vicious predators. The violence used to obliterate the ethnic memory of Germans was degrading and often fatal.

Reduced to slaves by their new masters, Germans were forced to make public apologies for their “collective guilt” at social and governmental gatherings. Others were sent to camps with unbearable conditions. Of 8,064 Germans in Camp Lamsdorf in Upper Silesia, 6,488, including hundreds of children, died from starvation, disease, hard labor, and physical maltreatment including torture. This repeated itself by the thousands. Illness brought on by bad water, starvation, exposure and even poisoning was rampant and suicides epidemic. Five times as many Germans died in the first year after the War’s end as died during five of the War itself.

It is interesting to note that not all Germans were expelled: in the Opole/Oppeln region in Upper Silesia. Some German miners and their families were “allowed” to stay, but their culture was repressed and they were virtual slaves. German language remained forbidden for the next forty years. Forced out at gunpoint, old and young, rich and poor had to leave their family homes behind furnished and unlocked for the new inhabitants. The Oder-Neisse as the border of a new post-war Germany was deceptively described as “tentative” until a final peace settlement with Germany. The issue was not laid to rest by Germany until it was forced to sign it as the high price for German reunification: some or nothing at all.

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The “Extermination Camps” of “Aktion Reinhardt”

An Analysis and Refutation of Factitious “Evidence,” Deceptions and Flawed Argumentation of the “Holocaust Controversies” Bloggers

by Carlo Mattogno, Thomas Kues and Jürgen Graf
Published: 2013-10-23

Ever since the authors of the present study started publishing, together or separately, thorough studies about the most prominent German camps of the WWII era which are generally referred to as extermination camps, orthodox historians have made it a point to intentionally ignore these studies which they seem unable to refute. This eerie silence ended only in late 2011 when several members of the exterminationist Holocaust Controversies blog published a 570 page-long online study titled Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka: Holocaust Denial and Operation Reinhard. With it they claim to refute three of our authors’ monographs on the camps Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka (see vols. 9, 19 and 8 of the Holocaust Handbooks series).

This lengthy orthodox critique forced our three authors to go back to the sources. After a year of archival and library research, the rebuttal of their detractors’ critique was finally complete, and a few months later Mattogno’s major contributions to it were translated into English. The opus seemed ready for publication. What followed next, though, was an arduous, 6-months-lasting process of thorough fact-checking and archival verification by peer reviewers as well as massive lingual improvements by numerous editors. The results are out in the open now: a work comprising more than 1,500 pages.

This work has occupied the most knowledgeable revisionists for a year and more. It has led to the postponement of numerous other projects (as can easily be gleaned from this website as well). Today’s leading revisionists consider this their ultimate response and final word on the subject. From now on they have promised to focus on more productive research and publications.

As to the contents of this book, the casual reader may be warned: This work cannot be read like a novel. It is a point-by-point response to the above-mentioned Holocaust Controversies bloggers’ PDF file (accessible on their website) and can be understood only in that context. It also requires that the reader be familiar with the authors’ three monographs on the Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka camps, all of which can be accessed and downloaded on this website.

It goes without saying that it is neither easy nor profitable to publish such a huge two-volume opus which will find only a very small audience. In order to make the text a little more readable and to reduce the volume of the printed version slightly, it does include only the English translations of any foreign language sources quoted. The full foreign language text can be found in the extended PDF version. Since this PDF file is accessible to everyone and can thus be searched, we have refrained from creating a cost-prohibitive index.

In summarizing the book’s conclusions, Jürgen Graf writes in his Epilogue:

"Holocaust Controversies had all the time they needed to write their “refutation.” They were assisted by a host of Holocaust historians they diligently enumerate in their introduction. It did not help them a bit. […] Since the exterminationist position with regards to these two topics [gas chambers and eyewitnesses] is hopeless from the beginning, Myers had myriads of opportunities to make a fool of himself, and he missed not a single one of them. […]

However, the most preposterous chapters of the pamphlet are undoubtedly the two last ones, written by […] Roberto Muehlenkamp, who unsuccessfully tried to prove that during World War II the eternal laws of nature had to pause so that the evil Nazis could carry out their massacre in chemical slaughterhouses and get rid of the bodies without significant use of fuel. [Muehlenkamp] knew exactly that Mattogno, who has an encyclopedic knowledge of all problems related to cremation, would react to his challenge and make mincemeat of his chapters, to use Romanov’s poetic formulation for the last time. Is Muehlenkamp perhaps a masochist? Does he relish the role of the circus clown who is pelted with eggs to the roaring laughter of the audience? Now he has egg all over his face. I do not feel a bit sorry for him because he asked for it."


This book exists in two versions: a “short” printed version which does not include most of the foreign language quotes, and an extended PDF version which includes all foreign language quotes. The print version’s PDF files can be downloaded with the usual links below. The extended PDF version of 1554 pp. is available here (37.7 MB).

2nd, slightly corrected edition, Set of 2 tomes with a total of 1396 pages.
Tome 1: 712 pp. ISBN13: 9781591480877 (ISBN10: 1591480876)
Tome 2: 684 pp. ISBN13: 9781591480884 (ISBN10: 1591480884)
Format: pb, 6"×9", bibliography.
Published by Castle Hill Publishers (Uckfield, UK) in Apr. 2015.
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While US is in Crisis, Congress Posts 68 Bills (and Counting) for Israel

At the request of Democratic leaders, President Trump ordered last week that US flags on DC federal buildings fly at half-staff “in memory of the Americans we have lost to the Coronavirus.” Justice advocates also grieve at the persistence of pro-Israel legislation in Congress.

In the chaos that is the US – with coronavirus, racial tension, deep divisions, highly contested elections – Israel continues to hold sway over Capitol Hill. Congress members toil unwaveringly to win massive military aid money and special treats for the Jewish State with 68 pieces of legislation focused on Israel. 
by Kathryn Shihadah

Back in January 2019, immediately after the swearing-in ceremony for the new Congress, advocacy for Israel began. On that first day, the Senate introduced a pro-Israel bill; the House introduced 3. By the end of 2019, lawmakers had presented over 50 pieces of legislation favoring Israel.

2020 pro-Israel bills have been arriving at a somewhat slower pace (as of this writing, the number stands at 18), but most of last year’s bills are still in circulation. At the end of this year, every bill that has not become law will die. The process starts over with the new Congress in January 2021.

Especially given this year’s massive financial disruption from COVID-19, Americans should be aware of our country’s lavish spending habits toward Israel – and not only because we need to be generally more frugal. Israel has a long, ugly record of human rights violations, the likes of which have been chronicled in detail by numerous human rights organizations.

Below is a description of pro-Israel bills that have been introduced in Congress in 2020 (grouped by subject), followed by a listing of bills that support justice for Palestinians (as of this writing, there is only one).

For the list of 50+ pro-Israel bills (and 2 that advocate for Palestinians) presented in 2019, please go here.

Pro-Israel legislation: military aid

S.3176 – “US-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act of 2020” (To amend the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 and the US-Israel Strategic Partnership Act of 2014 to make improvements to certain defense and security assistance provisions and to authorize the appropriations of funds to Israel, and for other purposes). 
This is the Senate version of House bill H.R.1837, which was passed last July (read about it here). The bill outlines the US promise to give Israel a minimum of $3.8 billion a year for the next ten years. In addition, it would give the President authority to provide Israel with unlimited weaponry and assistance without prior authorization from Congress.

These bills contradict the Leahy Laws, which clearly state that, in the words of principal sponsor Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), “when credible evidence of human rights violations exists, US aid must stop.” (For more on the Leahy Laws, read this.)

S.3176 passed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on May 21, using several unscrupulous procedures. As Alison Weir reports,

First, Senate Committee Chairman Jim Risch (R-Idaho) refused to allow a livestream of the meeting, despite the fact that the Senate Rules panel had recommended that extra efforts be taken to ensure public transparency while the Capitol is closed to the public and the presence of reporters is severely limited. The Senate’s Press Gallery Standing Committee of Correspondents had objected strongly to Risch’s decision.

Second, the bill was passed without being named, debated, or even discussed, even though it would set into law the largest such aid package in U.S. history. There has been no US mention of the bill by US mainstream media.

Notably, a “manager’s amendment” to S.3176 replaced the entire content of the original bill with new text – and this text was not made public until after the conclusion of the hearing.

This pro-Israel bill also provides millions in new funding for various additional programs and programs benefiting Israel. As analyst Lara Friedman reports, the bill authorizes “funding for programs designed to make enhanced/expanded US-Israel cooperation part of the DNA of more and more U.S. government agencies.” It also establishes programs “that in effect recruit U.S. agencies/funding to the cause of expanding Israel’s relations and influence in the region (i.e., open normalization by Arab states) and around the world.”

There are a number of additional perks, including requiring NASA to work with the Israeli Space Agency, despite accusations of Israeli espionage.

As the US grapples with its Covid-induced economic devastation, Israel’s $3.8 billion aid package is expected to remain intact – this even as Israel actively removes Palestinians’ protections from the virus.

Introduced Jan. 9 by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL). Cosponsors to date: D – 19, R – 19.

Pro-Israel legislation: Israeli-exceptionalism bills

H.R.5595 – the “Israel Anti-Boycott Act” (To impose additional prohibitions relating to foreign boycotts under Export Control Reform Act of 2018, and for other purposes). 

H.R.5595 is the latest in a string of pro-Israel bills that many experts consider a violation of Americans’ right to free speech.

The bill would halt attempts to disrupt businesses that partner with illegal Israeli settlements. This same nonviolent strategy was instrumental in bringing down apartheid in South Africa.

Past anti-boycott bills have targeted businesses, organizations, and individuals; the current bill also targets global organizations – specifically the United Nations, which recently published a database of over 100 companies doing business in illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land. The human rights expert behind the effort “urged UN Member States to implement laws banning the import of goods produced in illegal settlements located in any occupied territory.”

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has stated unequivocally that anti-boycott legislation interferes with free speech, and is therefore unconstitutional. Nevertheless, thanks to pro-Israel influence, Congress has considered not less than 22 anti-BDS bills28 states have adopted anti-BDS laws (a number of these are being challenged).

President of the Foundation for Middle East Peace (FMEP) and Middle East foreign policy expert, Lara Friedman, explains that anti-BDS legislation conflates voluntary political free speech – taking a stand against Israeli policy – with a type of coercive boycott that does not resemble the BDS movement.

The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement is, in its own words,

a Palestinian-led movement for freedom, justice and equality. BDS upholds the simple principle that Palestinians are entitled to the same rights as the rest of humanity.

Israel is occupying and colonizing Palestinian land, discriminating against Palestinian citizens of Israel and denying Palestinian refugees the right to return to their homes. Inspired by the South African anti-apartheid movement, the BDS call urges action to pressure Israel to comply with international law.

(For more on BDS legislation, read this, this, and this.)

Introduced Jan. 13 by Lee Zeldin (R-NY-1). Cosponsors to date: D – 1, R – 63.

S.Res. 570 – A resolution opposing and condemning the potential prosecution of United States and Israeli nationals by the International Criminal Court.

As mentioned above, the ICC is a “court of last resort,” where it is possible to try individuals when their home country is unwilling or unable to do so. The allegations of American war crimes in Afghanistan, and Israeli war crimes in Israel/Palestine could be resolved if the US and Israel would self-investigate.

Instead of calling for due process in the home countries of the accused, however, the pro-Israel bill S.Res.570 calls for impunity – for American citizens and citizens of one other selected country.

Introduced on May 12 by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). Cosponsors to date: D – 0, R – 0.

S.3775“The United States Israel Military Capability Act” (A bill to establish a United States-Israel Operations-Technology Working Group, and for other purposes). 
The senators believe that the US government has a “national security and moral imperative” to guarantee that American soldiers’ weapons are second to none.

Foundation for Defense of Democracies (recognized as an arm of the Israel lobby) reports that the pro-Israel bill S.3775 seeks to create a “permanent and dedicated forum” for “[sharing] intelligence-informed military capabilities.”

Israel’s behavior in this regard is extremely problematic. It has a record of stealing US technology and selling it to others, including to adversaries.

Israel has also developed advanced weapons systems and sold them all over the world – including to countries known to be human rights abusers. Although the US has bankrolled Israel’s Iron Dome for nine years, when the American military wanted to purchase its own Iron Dome systems, Israel refused to provide vital source codes.

Israel has also used its advanced surveillance technology to spy on the US repeatedly in spite of the fact that the US has given Israel over $230 billion in aid since 1946.

Introduced by Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) on May 20. Cosponsors to date: D – 0, R – 1.

S.3722 and H.R.6829 To authorize funding for a bilateral cooperative program with Israel for the development of health technologies with a focus on combating COVID-19 (over two weeks after the legislation was introduced, the text is not available). 
In its letter to activists, exhorting them to contact Congress members, AIPAC proclaims, “Israel is a world leader in medical innovation, and increased U.S.-Israel collaboration will greatly benefit the American public.”

Other organizations offered a fuller perspective of Israel vis-a-vis the pandemic.

Human Rights Watch reported that the temporary disruptions Israelis are experiencing shed some light on the experience of Palestinians living under occupation:

…far more sweeping restrictions on movement have been the norm for decades. Since 2007, Israeli authorities have largely sealed off the Gaza Strip, banning the movement of 2 million Palestinians living there outside of “exceptional humanitarian cases” and maintaining a formal “policy of separation” between Gaza and the West Bank. Israel’s closure of Gaza, which is vastly disproportionate to any concrete security threat, separates thousands of Palestinians from relatives in the West Bank, inside Israel, and abroad.

Unlike the temporary COVID-19 measures to protect Israelis, these long-standing restrictions are not meant to protect Palestinians and are not going away anytime soon.

Israel has reportedly closed down Palestinian COVID-19 testing sites, continued (in one case, escalated) its nightly routine of raiding homes, arresting Palestinians – including minors – and demolishing Palestinian homes and businesses. Israeli soldiers and settlers have also allegedly been spitting on Palestinians.

Israeli security forces, wearing protective masks as a precaution during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, stand on guard in the old city of Jerusalem on the Orthodox Christian holiday of Holy Friday on April 17, 2020. (AFP)

Introduced by Rep. Chris Pappas (D-NH-1) on May 12, 2020 and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on May 13, 2020. Senate cosponsors to date: D – 3, R – 3; House cosponsors to date: D – 4, R – 3.

H.R.5605United States-Israel PTSD Collaborative Research Act (To direct the Secretary of Defense to carry out a grant program to increase cooperation on post-traumatic stress disorder research between the United States and Israel). 
Israelis have indeed witnessed violence: spates of stabbings and the infamous “rain of rockets” that have sent them scrambling for shelter (for facts on Gaza rockets, read this and this).

The rocket phenomenon in Gaza began in 2001, after the Israeli military had already killed hundreds of Gazan Palestinians. In fact those “rockets” have in most cases been small, homemade projectiles – many without explosive capability – and in 19 years have caused 30 Israeli deaths. In the same time period, Israeli airstrikes have killed over 4,000 Gazan men, women, and children (this number does not include Palestinians in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, or Israel).

At least 10,006 Palestinians and 1,271 Israelis have been killed by someone from the other side since 2000. (

Overall, the death toll of Palestinians and Israelis is both tragic and lopsided: since 2000, over 10,000 Palestinians and 1,200 Israelis have been killed. Vox reports that since 2005, 23 out of every 24 conflict-related deaths have been Palestinian.

Tragically, Palestinians’ experiences would provide a more abundant field for PTSD research.

Palestine has the heartbreaking distinction of having one of the highest rates of mental illness in the world – thanks to generations of oppression. For example, 1 in 4 Palestinian adolescents have attempted suicide, according to the World Journal of Medical Sciences.

Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) has found that 54% of Gazan children who experienced heavy bombardment in the 2014 Israeli incursion known as Operation Protective Edge, suffer from severe PTSD, with symptoms including flashbacks and nightmares.

Palestinian psychiatrist and member of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Dr. Samah Jabr, says of such statistics,

What is sick, the context or the person? In Palestine, we see many people whose symptoms – unusual emotional reaction or a behaviors – are a normal reaction to a pathogenic context.

Palestinian children gather outside a United Nations-run school in the northern Gaza Strip. The head of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Gaza, Pernille Ironside, said that nearly 400,000 Gaza kids were in urgent need of psychological and social support to overcome the trauma they experienced during the 2014 Israeli genocidal attacks on the besieged Palestine enclave. (Reuters)

One in four children in Gaza require psychosocial support.Israeli violence has made the Palestinian population a rich source for PTSD research. Palestinians have endured not stabbings, but machine guns, snipers, and tanks armed with missiles; not rains of rockets, but rains of illegal white phosphorus and one-ton bombs; not intermittent restaurant attacks, but tens of thousands of home demolitions and hundreds of thousands of detentions (including over 50,000 children since the beginning of the occupation), and the relentless cheapening and degradation of life. (For more on Palestinian and Israeli experiences of violence, read this.)

But if the US wants to study PTSD in combat veterans, a good starting place would be Breaking the Silence:

Breaking the Silence is an organization of veteran soldiers who have served in the Israeli military since the start of the Second Intifada and have taken it upon themselves to expose the Israeli public to the reality of everyday life in the Occupied Territories.

We endeavor to stimulate public debate about the price paid for a reality in which young soldiers face a civilian population on a daily basis, and are engaged in the control of that population’s everyday life. Our work aims to bring an end to the occupation.

Introduced Jan. 14 by Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL-6). Cosponsors to date: D – 25, R – 17.

S.3409 and H.R.6392 “Secure United States Bases Act” (To modify the conditions and terms of all foreign military training programs operated within the United States by the Department of Defense and the Department of State). 
These pro-Israel bills would create a new, nonimmigrant visa category for foreign military students in Department of Defense and Department of State training programs. Foreign military students would be subject to comprehensive vetting to be eligible for the visa.

The requirements would apply retroactively, but students from NATO states and Israel would be exempt.

These bills are a response to the December 2019 deadly attack at a US military facility in Florida in which a Saudi national in military training shot 11 people, killing 3.

Interestingly, while the Senate puts great faith in Israeli military students’ loyalty to the US, it is well-known that Israel has a history of spying on the US – even stealing military secrets – and was caught red-handed as recently as 2019.

In an article entitled “Israel Spies and Spies and Spies,” Philip Giraldi, former CIA counterterrorism specialist adds, “The fact is that Israel conducts espionage and influence operations against the United States more aggressively than any other ‘friendly’ country.”

Nevertheless, Israeli military trainees appear to be considered trustworthy.

Introduced March 5, 2020 by Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL), and Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL-6). Senate cosponsors to date: D – 0, R – 1; House cosponsors to date: D – 0, R – 1.

Pro-Israel legislation: Anti-Semitism-related bills


H.Res.782 – Encouraging public schools to design and teach a curriculum about the history of anti-Semitism and the Holocaust, and the vital importance of the Jewish State of Israel. 
The bill addresses the important issues of anti-Semitism and Holocaust education, but then turns a corner to once again target the peaceful Boycott, Divest, and Sanction movement (see above).

It begins with a list of recent anti-Semitic incidents and concludes with a call for all public schools to

design and teach a curriculum about the history of anti-Semitism and the Holocaust, and the historic importance of the creation of the Jewish State of Israel in 1948 that served as a refuge for Jews all over the world to escape persecution following the Holocaust.

The bill ignores the fact that the creation of Israel was accomplished through a violent, massive ethnic cleansing against the indigenous population. It also ignores the fact that projects to create other refuges had been sabotaged by pro-Israel groups.

The legislation also blames the BDS movement for “rampant anti-Semitism,” although this is broadly considered untrue. As Lara Friedman points out,

Fun fact: NONE of the attacks listed in the resolution have anything to do with Israel or BDS. Yet the drafters make the resolution about both. Another fun fact: A decade ago then-President Obama was attacked (viciously and over and over) for using language mentioning the creation of Israel and the Holocaust in adjacent sentences.

Palestinian children gather outside a United Nations-run school in the northern Gaza Strip. The head of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Gaza, Pernille Ironside, said that nearly 400,000 Gaza kids were in urgent need of psychological and social support to overcome the trauma they experienced during the 2014 Israeli genocidal attacks on the besieged Palestine enclave. (Reuters)

The bill does not mandate anti-BDS instruction, but leaves the content of the curriculum open to interpretation.

H.Res.837 (introduced Feb. 6 by Rep. William Keating [D-MA-9]) similarly encourages European countries to teach about the Holocaust and anti-Semitism. It does not name Israel, but does refer to “modern-day anti-Semitism,” – commonly understood as a reference to anti-Zionism, an ideology that opposes the “Jewish character of the State of Israel”

It is important to note that pro-Israel groups regularly pressure school textbook companies to present an Israel-centric version of history (read, for example, this, this, this, and this) and shut down student organizations, professors, and curriculum that represent the Palestinian perspective.

Introduced Jan. 9 by Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC-13). Cosponsors to date: D – 0; R – 5.

H.Res.837 – Reaffirming the need for transatlantic cooperation to combat anti-Semitism in Europe. 
Whereas many European governments and the European Union have adopted the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of anti-Semitism;

While the bill doesn’t report this, the IHRA working definition includes certain criticisms of Israel “antisemitic.” Thus, the resolution affirms an alleged “need” to cooperate in combatting efforts in support of Palestinian human rights.

(interestingly, in the cases of H.Res.732 and H.Res.884, bills about white supremacism and Islamophobia, the only cosponsors were Dems.)

Introduced Feb. 6 by Rep. William Keating (D-MA-9). Cosponsors to date: D – 3; R – 1.

Pro-Israel legislation: Iran-related bills

Israel has long targeted Iran as an “existential threat.” For this reason, the Israel lobby has often pushed for legislation in Congress that sanctions Iran. A separate report on Iran-related bills will be coming soon.

The single bill that is (peripherally) pro-Palestine:

H.Res.855“Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the US should ratify the Rome Statute and join the International Criminal Court.”

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is a “court of last resort” to “bring to justice the perpetrators of the worst crimes known to humankind” – crimes of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity – when national courts can not or will not do so.

This resolution refers to the fact that the United States has never become a member of the ICC. Various groups and individual politicians (primarily Republican) have criticized the institution; others have denounced the critics for endorsing American exceptionalism.

Israel walks hand-in-hand with the US in defying the ICC, and has been resisting war crime investigations by the body for years.

Recently, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo vowed, “If the ICC continues down its current course [toward prosecuting Israel], we will exact consequences.”

Notably, American politicians’ and conservative think tanks’ dismiss the legitimacy of the ICC’s jurisdiction, not the factual nature of the allegations against Israel (as well as those against the US), which include crimes (committed by both Israel and the Palestinians) in the Gaza War of 2014, in the building of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land, and in the use of lethal force against peaceful protesters at the Gaza border (apartheid – of which Israel has also been accused – is also considered a crime against humanity).

Introduced Feb. 12 by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN-13). Cosponsors to date: D – 0, R – 0.

Kathryn Shihadah is staff writer for If Americans Knew. She blogs at Palestine Home.